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Below are some client testimonials we wanted to share.

When I first saw Dr. Carter, I had just completed 35 sessions of radiation therapy + 8 weeks of chemo for Stage 4 cancer of the base of the tongue. I was 20 pounds below my normal weight; had burns on both side of my neck (from the radiation); and had a feeding tube (the radiation made eating and drinking too). I felt frightened; often depressed; and was unable to work. What first impressed me about Dr. Carter was that she not only spent a full hour talking with me, but also that I could feel her acceptance, warmth, care and kindness--which was immeasurably reassuring. I sensed she understood my emotions as well as my body. Even more remarkable was the way the work addressed my Spirit. I literally had a kind of spiritual awakening in the first month of treatment, accompanied by a lifting of the depression--and feelings of self-confidence I'd never known before. Within 2 months of treatment, I was seeing clients again and feeling like I'd never done better work. After about three months, people started telling how much better I looked and said that they saw my "energy" was WAY better than it had been. Even the M.D. who examined my mouth said he was surprised by the normalcy of the mouth tissues--only 3 months after radiation. I know dozens of healers, as I have been in this area since 1970. I know of none more dedicated to her profession--nor more humane and kind--than Dr. Casey Carter.

Don R.

Great doctor for acupuncture and chiropractic very caring.

Melody R.