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Below are some client testimonials we wanted to share.

My treatments with Dr. Casey have been hugely successful. She does a very thorough intake and figures out the exact plan of action for healing what ails you. I've had various issues over the past few months and I always feel so much better after our sessions. She's not just sticking you with needles and leaving you alone, it's much more thoughtful than that. Wonderful healer!

Donna R.

A kind and gentle healer, Dr. Carter has become an integral part of my physical and emotional well being. Her years of experience shine through with her attention to detail, her commitment to my health and dedication to her classical acupuncture practice. This has been my first experience with this style of acupuncture and I am truly amazed at the positive results we've achieved in such a short period of time.

Gen G.

I've known Dr. Carter for 15 years and am always impressed with her ability to blend both conventional and alternative medicine approaches to provide relief for patients who have not been helped by other doctors. She has an insightful understanding of health and nutrition to customize effective treatment plans for unique patients.

Don Sing

I had been suffering from anxiety and insomnia for 6 months. I had gone to my doctor for help,and she recommended keeping a bedtime routine, not eating too late, meditation, breathing therapy etc. Her recommendations did not work so I took it upon myself to try different over the counter sleeping medications. When that did not work, I contacted my doctor again and she recommended prescription sleeping pills. The pills were working at first but after 3 weeks I started to feel like a zombie. I was getting headaches and I was feeling dizzy overall I was not feeling like myself. I stopped using them, but my anxiety and insomnia continued. My doctor prescribed a different sleeping pill, but I was so hesitant in trying another pill that I never went topick up my prescription. I was not interested in living like a zombie nor relying on pills to sleep.I started to look for other options on my own and my co-workers encouraged me to try a different option. One of my co-workers shared Dr. Carter’s contact information and while skeptical I decided to give her a call. I figured I had nothing to lose, she had a brief phone consultation with me, and reassured me that she could help me. Dr. Carter scheduled an in-person consultation with me on a Saturday. The first hour of the consultation involved going over my health and overall questions about my life. Once that was completed, she started acupuncture treatment for another hour. I left her office feeling very relaxed but as the evening approached, I thought my anxiety would build up, but I lay in bed and slept. The following morning, I was in tears I could not believe that after one consultation I was cured. During my second consultation she was so happy for me but informed me that I might have some nights where I digress. Dr. Carter was right but after my fifth consultation my anxiety was gone, and my insomnia was getting better every day. I would highly recommend Dr. Carter she has improved my life. I now have the strength and energy to play with children. My mood is great and the mood swings that come with sleep deprivation are gone.

Maria Cuevas

Outstanding medical practitioner who is very accessible and articulate...

Charlie R.

Dr Carter is a genuine multi discipline gifted and caring healer, She has treated me constitutionally with acupuncture for an extremely stressful event that had me unable to focus or respond well at the time and it made all the difference in my maintaining my focus an balance. She just this afternoon treated me with both acupuncture and Chiropractic care after I aggravated a chronic herniated disc, I dove after a ball in Santa Rosa's legends baseball league on Sunday at 66, ( I did catch the ball btw) and as I sit here writing this review I am much better tonight. I can't recommend her highly enough. When you combine all those years of careful study, clear intention, and her kind and caring nature... you get a great healer!

Tom R.

After six years of chasing down referrals from one GI specialist to the next I finally found Dr. Casey Carter, and at age 22, I finally found relief. For years I battled with extreme dietary restrictions (Gluten, Dairy, Acidic Foods, Caffeine, Legumes, Alcohol, Sugar, certain fruits and veggies, etc...) accompanied by physical pain, constant discomfort and severe mental distress; every time I ate I was worried I would have a bad reaction. Eating out, or at a family or friends house was a miserable experience every time. I thought I would never have a "normal" stomach and therefore, a normal life. For six years I lived with this stress and questioned my inconclusive Celiac diagnosis at age 16. After my treatments with Casey my stomach began to improve, along with my stress and anxieties. My sleep has improved, and I was able to quit bad habits I never thought would be possible. Upon receiving my blood work Casey discovered a gut infection that had gone unnoticed by many specialists for years. After healing my gut by diet and building a strong base with acupuncture, I eventually decided to gradually start reintroducing foods to my diet. Now months later I can eat anything I want without the worry and discomfort that used to rule my life. I cannot begin to thank Casey for kindness she has shown me, and the effect her treatments have had on my life--she is a true healer in so many dimensions.

Alice T.

When I first met Dr. Carter I was going through the loss of my grandmother which was depressing and stressful and had been suffering from anxiety for about 2 years, which added on to the battle with headaches, neck and back pain for the better part of a decade. Needless to say my body was a mess of emotions. I tried everything from medication to messages and yoga to reduce my anxiety. None of it helped. Being from a family of doctors and nurses, I was very standoffish with eastern medicine. But after meeting with Casey, you can tell she genuinely cares about you and wants to see you at your best. After the first few treatments I started to notice a difference in how I felt. I've been going for about a year now and I can honestly say that this is the most normal and "Like my old self" feeling I've been in years. It's hard to put into words about feeling normal again, but if you suffer from anxiety than you know how abnormal, crippling, and not like yourself you can feel from it. This classic style of acupuncture in combination with a caring and extremely knowledgeable person is the real deal. People in my life have noticed the change over the last year. I cannot thank her enough!

Anthony B.

Dr Casey Carter takes an approach that combines the sciences of the Eastern Medicine and Western Medicine and goes to the heart of the matter. I injured my neck severely the other day and she worked me in on an emergency visit to help relieve the tension and spasms. She used a combined approach of acupuncture, and a massaging tool to help get the muscles loose and moving again, then did some chiropractic maneuvers to set everything back in balance. I didn't realize she has been doing his for over 30 years when I first met her but you can tell she is a master of the arts after you've had one session. I was able to return to work after one day because of her specialized treatment. On such a severe injury this is like a miracle. I recommend her to all my family, friends and colleagues. And you can feel great supporting her because she's a local business owner!

Russell B.

Dr. Casey Carter is a caring person. Coupled with her vast education in both acupuncture and her experience in Chiropractic, she's a powerful healer. I am familiar with the "standard" acupuncture taught in China, standardized by the People's Republic, and often practiced like a mechanic fixing a car. Dr. Casey was taught, and teaches an older, classic acupuncture, that is quite different in concept and practice.

She's treating a sore shoulder and various back issues currently, and slowly working on a chronic inflammation of both hips, that's kept me from sleeping well for decades. And is the likely cause of the back problems. I'm confident that she is making progress, where no one else has... Not Western Medicine, or other acupuncturists, chiropractors or massage therapists.

If you hurt... Call Dr. Casey. If you have systemic health issues, like arthritis, Parkinsons, etc. call Dr. Casey. She's had great results!

Charles L.

When I first started seeing Dr. Casey I was going through a very stressful time, and this stress was severely effecting my health. Dr. Casey has helped me with anxiety, depression, and severe PMS symptoms. I cannot express how important this was to me! Once I had those issues under control, everything I was going through didn't seem so scary. This was truly a life saver for me. She has also helped me reverse gut issues, sciatic nerve pain, carpal tunnel, hormonal issues, and chronic headaches, just to name a few. I highly recommend Dr. Casey. She is very sensitive, caring, and easy to talk to. You can tell she truly loves what she does, which can make all the difference.

Shannon B.

I had cardiac surgery in late November and a stroke in early December 2016. Subsequent to these events my energy levels were extremely low. I began seeing Dr. Carter in December 2016 and her treatments have turned my life around. I now feel like I have the energy that I had five or 10 years ago most of the time. She's intelligent, compassionate, caring, well-educated and capable. I recommend Dr. Carter without reservation.

Tom B.

I went to see Dr. Casey because my energy level seemed to be spiraling down. Many times in the afternoon or early evening, I just seemed to have nothing left for the remainder of the day.

I was a little skeptical, since I have visited other acupuncturists and never really felt a lot of difference after those treatments. However, I was impressed with Casey's credentials--she has completed study in three completely different areas of practice: acupuncture, chiropractic and functional medicine. This indicated to me that she is serious about healing, and that she has devoted considerable time to studying different approaches to medicine.

This was my first experience with classical acupuncture, which is apparently more grounded in Chinese tradition than the garden-variety acupuncture that is more commonly practiced in this country. Dr. Casey does not leave needles in, but rather "tugs" at the selected point to get the chi flowing.

She also spends the entire session time with you, which impressed me. I was used to other acupuncturists inserting some needles and leaving me alone for a nice "needle nap" for 20-30 minutes. Casey keeps working the entire time and checks pulses periodically to see how her treatment is working.

Overall, my results from Dr. Casey include considerable improvement in energy and stamina. I know she treats a variety of conditions, but this was my issue. And I am VERY pleased with the results.

Tim S.

Casey is enthusiastic, sensitive, and caring. I've seen her repeatedly for classical acupuncture, which has made an enormous, positive difference in my life. She really takes the time to connect and pays close attention to what's going on with you. The office, shared with chiropractors, is
conveniently located and has a very welcoming staff. She obviously loves what she does and has a lot of experience. Casey gets my highest recommendation!

Mark C.

When I first saw Dr. Carter, I had just completed 35 sessions of radiation therapy + 8 weeks of chemo for Stage 4 cancer of the base of the tongue. I was 20 pounds below my normal weight; had burns on both side of my neck (from the radiation); and had a feeding tube (the radiation made eating and drinking too). I felt frightened; often depressed; and was unable to work. What first impressed me about Dr. Carter was that she not only spent a full hour talking with me, but also that I could feel her acceptance, warmth, care and kindness--which was immeasurably reassuring. I sensed she understood my emotions as well as my body. Even more remarkable was the way the work addressed my Spirit. I literally had a kind of spiritual awakening in the first month of treatment, accompanied by a lifting of the depression--and feelings of self-confidence I'd never known before. Within 2 months of treatment, I was seeing clients again and feeling like I'd never done better work. After about three months, people started telling how much better I looked and said that they saw my "energy" was WAY better than it had been. Even the M.D. who examined my mouth said he was surprised by the normalcy of the mouth tissues--only 3 months after radiation. I know dozens of healers, as I have been in this area since 1970. I know of none more dedicated to her profession--nor more humane and kind--than Dr. Casey Carter.

Don R.

Great doctor for acupuncture and chiropractic very caring.

Melody R.