Tai Chi

The Mayo Clinic calls Tai Chi “a gentle way to fight stress” and “meditation in motion” because it helps reduce stress and anxiety. Tai Chi also helps increase flexibility and balance.

And, unlike some forms of exercise, many people who practice Tai Chi find it enjoyable and relatively easy to get started with!

Tai Chi Techniques Sonoma County, CA

Dr. Carter & Abraham Liu

Not only is Tai Chi an art form, it is a healing discipline that promotes relaxation, vitality and strength. This regenerative exercise brings harmony and balance through conscious awareness of one’s body, breath, emotions, mind and spirit.

Dr. Carter began studying Tai Chi in 1974. Her practice has been enriched by the teachings of Abraham Liu, Benjamin Lo, John Bright-Fey, Sam Masich and Lenzie Williams. An accomplished Tai Chi practitioner for over 45 years, Dr. Carter is an instructor of this art form and teaches on an individual and group basis.

For more information on Tai Chi and Dr. Casey’s teachers, you can read articles about Benjamin Lo and Abraham Liu.

Dr. Carter’s class is suitable for beginning students and for those familiar with Tai Chi who may wish to review the fundamental principles applicable to all Tai Chi forms. Participants will learn the basic Tai Chi form and basic Tai Chi principles. Emphasis is placed on improving health, increasing flexibility and developing greater internal calmness.

Benefits of Tai Chi Petaluma, CA

Dr. Carter & Ben Lo

Advanced Techniques of Tai Chi

Some poetic cultivation, sword form, push-hands and long form can be taught to students looking to step beyond basic techniques.

“Casey Carter is a gifted Tai Chi instructor. She is able to work with all levels of experience and capability, enabling her students to improve their energy, health, and well-being through Tai Chi. I’ve not been able to find another instructor like her.”—Debra Richardson, Dean, Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences, U. C. Irvine

“Casey has a sincere desire to teach. She has a wonderful way of synchronizing her teachings with the level of the student. Drawing from her many years of study from some of the best, her style is like the form itself gentle yet powerful.”—Dr. Mark Miller, Chiropractor, Prescott, AZ

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