Pain Relief

Knee Pain

How do you cope with your chronic knee pain? Are you wearing a knee brace daily? Do you have to ice your knee frequently? Are you taking a variety of over-the-counter pain medication, just so that you could avoid knee ... Read More

Joint Pain

Are you suffering from joint pain? Have you been looking for a non-surgical, drug-free solution to your painful condition? If you answered yes, we can help you. Our healthcare center offers a wide range of treatments that can help relieve ... Read More

Sports Injuries

Sports injuries can range from being relatively mild to completely debilitating and can often affect your life long after the game. If you’ve suffered an injury from playing sports, it’s important to have it assessed and treated as soon as ... Read More


Are you tired of living with the tingling and numbness of neuropathy? At our healthcare center, we offer non-surgical, drug-free neuropathy treatments that are minimally invasive and can help your body’s own natural healing mechanism provide long-term relief. What Causes ... Read More

Shoulder Pain

If you suffer from shoulder pain, you know how challenging it can be to perform even the most basic daily tasks. When simply reaching for something off a shelf causes you to flinch in pain, it’s time to find a ... Read More

Foot/Ankle Pain

If you suffer from foot and ankle pain, you know how difficult it can be to do the things you want in life. Whether it’s playing with kids or grandkids, exercising, or just going for a simple walk, when your ... Read More

Hip Pain

If you’ve been looking for non-surgical, drug-free hip pain relief so you can start living life on your own terms again, we may have treatments that can help you accomplish your goal. Hip pain symptoms can cause serious limitations in ... Read More

Elbow/Wrist Pain

When you are living with elbow and wrist pain, even the most basic tasks are a challenge. If it feels like you’ve tried everything to relieve your pain without success, we may have a treatment that can help. Our non-surgical, ... Read More

Neck Pain

If you suffer from chronic neck pain, finding a non-surgical pain relief treatment that gets to the root cause of the problem is crucial. At our healthcare center, we offer treatments like chiropractic care, PRP therapy, and advanced biological treatments ... Read More

Back Pain

If you suffer from back pain and haven’t been able to find a solution, we have a range of non-surgical treatments that can help get to the root cause of your sore back and provide you with the relief you ... Read More