Our Logo

Our logo of the turtle symbolizes regeneration, such as regenerative medicine. Turtles have a great ability to regenerate their bodies which is why they live such long lives; turtles go along their lives moving very slowly and eating green superfoods, which greatly help them with their ability to regenerate.

Turtle Island is a creation myth of a turtle that carried the earth on its back, the turtle is told to have done this because of its prolonged sustainability to regenerate itself. The turtle would dive down into ancient waters to retrieve soil to create and regenerate the world as we know it today.

This story has such a magnitude of importance because it was told across the world by people who had never even met or shared their stories together. All these different cultures understood the power of regeneration and sustained eternity that this beautiful creature bestowed, that each culture had its own version of this exact same story.

The logo was created by Mark Wagoner, a good friend of our own Dr. Casey Carter. 22 years ago, he had given Dr. Carter permission to use this picture as it pertains to her regenerative medicine practice.