Meet The Staff

Dr. Casey Carter
Dr. Casey Carter, D.C., L.Ac., DIPL, NCCAOM

Dr. Carter is a Primary Care Physician who follows a classic Chinese Medical Health Care model. She is a licensed Acupuncturist and medically licensed Doctor of Chiropractic. This time-honored tradition requires extensive training in Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture, Osseous Adjusting as well as Tai Chi or Chi Gong.

While her primary Acupuncture approach centers on Five-Element Acupuncture, Dr. Carter employs a wide variety of Acupuncture techniques, ensuring that her patients receive the most effective treatments possible.

Today, Dr. Carter combines techniques from Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Naturopathic and Functional Medicine in her work with patients.

She has studied and practiced Five-Element Acupuncture under leading acupuncturists, including the late J. R. Worsley for over 20 years.

In addition to being a dedicated practitioner, she is also a Certified Instructor. As a student of herbal medicine since 1986, she has studied with Chinese, American and Native Mexican teachers.

What Called Dr. Carter to the Healing Profession?

As a child, Dr. Carter loved art, dance, competitive sports and science. Her fascination with science and love of healing later prompted her to formally study the healing traditions that would become the focus of her profession—and her life.

Always active and interested in movement and dance since an early age, Dr. Carter was drawn to the practice of T’ai Chi—learning and mastering Yang Style T’ai Chi. Her devotion to this ancient self-healing and martial art led to her interest in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. She studied extensively with renowned Tai Chi master Benjamin Lo, and has continued to teach Tai Chi since 1975.

When she discovered Five Element Acupuncture, she was moved by the way it includes the spiritual dimension of life—which she believes is missing in most Western medical approaches.

According to Dr. Carter, “I continue to be moved, humbled, and delighted by the way this spiritual dimension unfolds as I treat my patients. Every day I am extremely grateful to be able to do this work and help people.”

Connecting with and Learning from Patients

Dr. Carter credits her patients with “continually showing me how possible it is to move from pain, confusion, fear and limitation into lives full of joy, freedom, health and harmony with life.”

Her philosophy and belief in the work she does, combined with her patients’ ability to heal, shapes the power of the relationship between herself as a practitioner and her patients.

With this as a foundation, Dr. Carter only accepts new patients when they both feel they can work together effectively.

She has always loved animals. Her father was a Navy Pilot and a hero in World War II, and she credits him with inspiring her to push herself beyond the limits of an “ordinary life.”

In her spare time, Dr. Carter enjoys riding her bicycle, reading poetry, dancing, listening to and playing music, attending poetry events, hiking, swimming, and spending time with close friends and her pets.

Nayabei Barretto
Nayabei Barretto, FNP-BC, ADM-BC

Nayabei, who goes by Naya, is a board-certified nurse practitioner providing diabetes and weight loss management as well as aesthetic treatments.

She uses both conventional and alternative medicine and provides an approach customized to each patient’s unique needs.

Naya is a strong advocate of illness prevention though balanced nutrition and other lifestyle changes. She is fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese and has an elementary knowledge of Chinese.

During her free time she enjoys foraging for edible mushrooms, making art and dancing tango.

Robin Yonash, Project Manager

Robin Yonash recently returned from retirement to make her 20+ years of systems management experience available to us and keeps things humming behind the scenes. Truthfully, she came out of retirement when she underwent knee surgery herself. Only then did she discover what regenerative medicine could do and how she could have avoided a knee replacement and a painfully long recovery time. Now her mission is to help those who suffer from painful conditions avoid risky surgeries.

She also enjoys hiking our beautiful Sonoma County trails in addition to being an acknowledged historian, reading British detective fiction, watching dramas on TV, and cuddling with her rescue cat Beau, who adopted her rather than the other way ’round.